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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi This is Naveen my own Experience am explaining you all :\\
 Marriage means mead in heaven but, we are Humans we cant avoid our Egos.
My attitude : - Stay bank and help some one, don't you expect any thing  from any one, If  you want to help some one don't you expect any thing to them because, Your help will be spoil.

help means don't we need to show him am helping you,
Help means what ...?
How to help...?
When we can help...?
How we can help...?
How means What...?
Whom we can help...? etc....?

I don't no answer's for this question...If YOU know Please send me a answer ....!

Hi this is Naveen Form  banglore, Yelahanka, Judicial Layout. We are Rich Family But Poor and Middle class life style. I Hate one thing in my life that's many. I need to show my talent to world ' am not Well Educated. Am technically Good i can catch Any thing and every thing, But Still I dint get any Support from Any one.

So I hope You under stand what am expecting from peoples and Am looking for good Heat...
Am little bit busy I will Get back to you.....

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